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  • ABC is to configure the type of fire place;
    1. A type of fire: solid material fire.
    2. B fires: liquid fire or melting of solid material fire.
    3. C class fires: gas fire.
    4. Class D fires: metal fire.
    5. E class fire (live fire): Fire burning objects charged.

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  • 1, The fire extinguisher canister teeter more than three times
    2, The safety tip opened.
    3, Hold the vermicelli pipe, hose toward the fire point.
    4, 4-6 meters away from the ignition point of the handle firmly pressed, select upwind or crosswind direction close to the fire point, the powder injection flame base.
    5, in addition to the smoke and water cooling to prevent the resurgence of post-quench.

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  • Green areas indicate normal use, a yellow -warning, red -failure.

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  • Fire extinguishers validity has two aspects, one is the fire extinguisher body, in accordance with the relevant national standards, mandatory retirement age is 8 years of dry powder fire extinguisher, which is what you said 8-year period; another aspect, dry powder fire extinguishing agent also has a validity period, the specific circumstances of the provinces are not the same, fire extinguishing agent is generally valid for 1-2 years, usually when re extinguishers reloading, manufacturers will affix extinguishing agent is valid, that is valid in most cases powder fire extinguisher in 8 years within a year will need to re-reinstall extinguishing agent, probably the so-called inspection of it.

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  • 1. Dry powder extinguisher

    2. Carbon dioxide extinguisher

    3. 1211 extinguisher

    4. Foam extinguisher

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