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Water-based fire extinguisher

Water-based fire extinguishing apparatus (fog) only use "mist" logo, belongs to the "national key push wide green products", destroyed 36 kv or less electric fire insulation performance.One, the characteristics of green environmental protection, fire extinguishing agent after 100% biodegradable, does not damage to the equipment, the space around;Efficient flame retardant, resistance to resurgence is strong;Fire extinguishing speed, with a strong permeability, can destroy the deep fire.Second, the fire extinguishing principles of physically extinguishing mechanism.Agents in the fuel surface shape into a layer of thin water film and extend, causes the fuel and air isolation, put out the fire.The atomization nozzle, spray out of the water mist, drift of fire and evaporation heat, quickly lower the temperature in the fire, at the same time reduce the concentration of oxygen in combustion zone air, prevent burning.Resistance to again good, is a large dry powder fire extinguishers incomparable advantages.Three, note 1, this product is used to destroy electrical equipment, fire extinguishing distance not less than 1 m, after fire must cut off power supply first, then clean up the scene.When using inversion or flat is not allowed.2, this product to prevent sun, rain, high temperature, should be stored dry place.3, shall regularly check, found that the pressure indicator pointer below the green areas, should be inflated.4, fire extinguisher is mainly suitable for configuration in shopping malls, restaurants, office buildings, hotels, schools, tourism, entertainment, as well as textile, rubber, plastic, paper products, such as coal field;Also suitable for configuration in vehicles, ships, airport, station, wharf, gas stations and other places of all with combustible liquid;Can also be configured below 36 kv indoor and outdoor involves electrical equipment fire place such as transformer, transformer substation.5, s 15 or more effective distance, jet time m 3 or higher injection rate, remaining % 8 or less extinguishing level is high, can destroy the class A, class B and class C fire fire, fire 36 kv electric insulation performance using temperature range, 0 ℃ ~ + 55, 10 ~ +, - 20 ~ + 55, 55-38 ~ + 55