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Dry powder fire extinguisher extinguishing principle

Dry powder fire extinguisher is filling in ammonium phosphate dry powder fire extinguishing agent.Dry powder fire extinguishing agent is used for fire extinguishing dry and easy to micro powder, by the fire extinguishing performance of inorganic salt and a small amount of additives by a mix of drying, crushing, fine solid powder.It is a widely used in fire extinguishing agent, and is mainly used in fire extinguishers.Besides saves metal fire special dry chemical fire extinguishing agent, dry powder fire extinguishing agent is generally divided into BC dry powder fire extinguishing agent (sodium bicarbonate) and ABC dry powder (ammonium phosphate) two kinds big.A volatile decomposition by inorganic salt in the powder content, generated in the process of fuel combustion with or reactive chemical inhibition of free radicals and negative catalysis, interrupt the chain reaction of burning and fire;The second is to rely on dry powder on the surface of the fuel, produces chemical reaction, and under the action of high temperature to form a layer of vitreous cover layer, so as to cut off oxygen, and smothering.In addition, there are some oxygen dilution and cooling effect.