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fire extinguisher pressure guage

Fire extinguisher pressure gauge three sections : the first is the red zone , the pointer points to the red zone , indicating little pressure dry powder fire extinguisher , not spray , has failed . In this case you should go to regular fire equipment shop refilled dry . The second section ( narrower ) is a green area pointer in the area , indicating that pressure is normal , you can normally use . Third yellow zone , indicating dry powder fire extinguisher pressure is too large, you can spray dry powder . But there is blasting , the risk of explosion . Fire extinguisher such state , it is best to get regular fire equipment shop refilled dry . Yellow grid area is the fire extinguisher maintenance process for the production or use of inflatable manufacturers dangerous area , under normal circumstances , manufacturers will charge a regular grid in the Green Zone , if the pointer of the area in the yellow box indicates that the pressure is too large ,, like the above said there is a certain risk, but does not mean that it is invalid to use!